Thursday, September 18, 2008

Writer’s and Authors, PROMOTE YOUR BOOK EARLY!

Wait, hold on! Don’t leave just because you think this post topic doesn’t apply to you. So you haven’t published your book yet? Well this may be news to you; book marketing begins the day you begin to write! That’s correct, the very day you pick up the pen!

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is to wait until the day their book hits the stands to being their promotion efforts. Book promotion should begin at least six months before your book hits the stands and continue for at least three years to follow—especially in this new world of Internet marketing and sales. With it we have the ability to promote our book literally everywhere on this planet. It has been predicted that eighty percent of book purchasing will take place through the Internet by the year 2020. Personally, from the trend I’ve noticed recently, I feel it will be even sooner yet. is one of the best book-selling sites on the Internet and has expanded to include Joya (Chinese), (French), (German), and (Japanese). Barnes & Noble booksellers online have followed suit with international sales. Their brick and mortar book stores now stock foreign publications as well, including Vogue Magazine in four different languages.

To gain world-wide exposure for a book, authors need to start early. The Internet is an interesting place. It’s like mold—it grows and expands slowly. It can take months, even years for one promotional article to reach its full audience potential.

So get out there now! Even if you’ve just started your manuscript—promote it! You’ll be surprised how well your book sells “hot off the press!”

Carol Denbow is the author of three books, including A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story which includes 25 Unique Ways to Sell Your Story. Visit Carol’s Website at


Author Yvonne Perry said...

Right on target, Carol. I would like to re-publish this article on my blog with your permission.

Bookmarketing Beginner said...

I couldn't agree more, promote early, often, and consistently is my motto. It is a never ending job, but today it is even harder to get your book known so you have to do it all the time.

BonnieRose said...

regarding this comment below.. how do i promote my ms, if I'm still working on it?? any ideas??
see below,
So get out there now! Even if you’ve just started your manuscript—promote it! You’ll be surprised how well your book sells “hot off the press!”

author 101 said...

To Bonnie,
I started this blog back in January even though I hadn't finished my book, "A Book Inside" yet. I built a Website, submitted articles, talked to book store owners, etc. I started VERY early with great results.
Write a good book and then "talk about it."
You might just be MY target really should look into ordering my book, it could benefit you well (and that's not just a sales pitch LOL)!
Best wishes,