Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grand Opening! Author and Book Event Center

A Book Inside is extremely proud to announce the opening of it's newest addition, a “dream” Website for book lovers and authors! Book and Author Event Center opens December 1, 2008. Sign up to interact one-on-one with published authors in all genres! Book reviews, trailers, events, book tour stops, and even a full-time chat room where you can talk directly to the authors! Visit Sign up is FREE!

But don't forget us here--we love you too!


Elizabeth Bennett said...

Hi Carol, will add this to my blog and try and get some folks over to the group as well.

Take Care,

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

This book event center is a great site! I just signed up today and am looking forward to some chatting and seeing what others have written too. I will be posting about it with a link back here on my "Things I Learned This Week" post on Friday at