Thursday, August 11, 2011

Author Interview Series - How Experience Helps Write Your Book

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Steffannie Roaché, author of Righteous Anger: Mad Enough to Make a Change.

A seasoned Christian Worker and Life Coach involved in lay ministries for more than 15 years, Steffannie is also currently working towards a Master’s degree in Counseling. Righteous Anger: Mad Enough to Make a Change is her first outpouring in a series of Christ-centered books created to address the modern needs of Christians and Seekers alike.

The topic of our interview today is how can we use our past and present experiences to compose a successful non-fiction book? Obviously, Steffannie has used her accumulated knowledge to compose such a book, but how did she decide to pursue this, how did she apply her experience, and what does the future hold for this new and inspiring author?

Carol Denbow: Greetings Steffannie, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today. Can you please start by telling us a little about your new release Righteous Anger: Mad Enough to Make a Change?

Steffannie Roaché: Thank you Carol, I'm glad to share. This book focuses on a need for people to decidedly, purposefully, and with passionate intent, take back their freedom. It's specifically for Christians, but also other individuals that are seeking spiritual strength to overcome their worst obstacles. There are times we will place barriers in our own path, either by ignoring the empowerment of God’s own Spirit in our livers, or by lacking faith in our God given abilities. Righteous Anger: Mad Enough to Make a Change explores Biblical truths to tear down these barriers.

Carol Denbow: The book sounds wonderful. You have such a broad knowledge in your field. Does this come with education or simply mass experience?

Steffannie Roaché: Education and experience have both played a role in my work. I completed a bachelors in human development, and I'm currently working on a masters in counseling. My future plans are to finish my theological studies as well. Although these are important, its really about ministering to others. I believe many of us are drawn to help; whether it be in nursing, ministry and outreach, foster parenting, or volunteerism in some form. Our hearts seem to be compelled to reach out and help make a difference in the lives of others. Ultimately my work, education, and life's goals are a combination of these factors.

Carol Denbow: What made you decide it was time to share your experience in the form of a book?

Steffannie Roaché: The book was a natural consequence for me. After developing several Bible studies and working with people individually or in small groups, I realized a similar theme continually crept into our conversations. Even the most faithful Christians and good people struggled to overcome repeating patterns in their lives. It almost seemed as if they were systematically drawn back to issues that held them hostage. I found myself sharing the same Biblical truths and words of wisdom to encourage those searching for an answer, namely: How do I move from wanting change, to making a last change? This book is a culmination of these experiences and offers a humble answer to this question.

Carol Denbow: How long did it take you to complete your manuscript?

Steffannie Roaché: That's actually a difficult question to answer because I began writing Biblical studies and compiling notes on this topic many years ago. I had some portions in diaries and notebooks. When I finally purposed it in my heart to develop a complete manuscript it all came together in about 10months.

Carol Denbow: In the book, you are very passionate about your topic. Is there any past personal experience that may have driven you?

Steffannie Roaché: One event in particular did contribute to my work. Several years ago I had a personal experience with a time of depression and personal turmoil. I considered my self a faith filled believer and a strong person, so it seemed contradictory for me to have these issues. I couldn’t seem to shake it. Unfortunately I was too ashamed to seek professional counseling, not even help from my church. At that time, In the late 80's and early 90’s, there was a great stigma attached to 'needing help' for issues related to emotional or mental issues. Instead, I quietly hid my pain and began to search the Bible for answers. I also prayed and believed that God would help me to overcome the problems that faced me. Eventually I received victory in my life, and these experiences gave me a greater sensitivity for other Christians who know personal struggles.

Carol Denbow: Have you always been interested in writing, or is this book solely a goal to address the needs of your audience?

Steffannie Roaché: I have always enjoyed writing. It provides a form of expression as creative as a sculpture. Unlike other art forms, the message is delivered in tangible manner that can be clearly expressed to all who care to experience it. Although this particular work is non fiction, I have attempted to share some of my personality and creativity within the pages.

Carol Denbow: Where will you find your audience for this release?

Steffannie Roaché: My prayer is for Believers to use this book as one of their resources for personal and ministry related needs. I also hope individuals exploring spiritual truths will find many of the answers they seek in the pages. For these reasons I’ve written of an audience of Christian Believers and spiritual seekers in need of personal and spiritual growth.

Carol Denbow: Steffannie, you are amazing and inspirational to all of us. Can you please let us all know where we can see your Website and/or buy your new book?

Steffannie Roaché: My website is, the book can be purchased online through my website,, or at your local book sellers by request.

Carol Denbow: I hope this interview inspires some gifted writer out there to pursue an inspirational book they may have only previously dreamed of writing.

Steffannie, you are available and very open to online interviews should any of our blog visitors be looking for the perfect guest for their Website or Blog postings—correct? So where might they contact you to arrange this?

Steffannie Roaché: Yes, I welcome requests for online interviews. I also am available for appearances with large or small organizations. More information is available on my website as well. I can be contacted at or by email at

Carol Denbow: Thank you so much for doing this informative interview and we all wish you great success with your new book.
Again, the title is Righteous Mind: Mad Enough to Make a Change, 162 pages of inspirational and helpful information. ISBN 13: 978-1463560270. Thanks Steffannie, any final words? Future books planned?

Steffannie Roaché: One final thought I would like to share is that in the near future I will share an upcoming dating and relationship book specifically geared towards the single Christian person. I’m also excited to share that I am finishing a manuscript on multiculturalism in the modern church. Readers can stay informed about on the progress by becoming a website member at Thank you Carol for this experience. I really appreciated the opportunity to share with you and your readers.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Author Interview Series - "Kid Stuff"

Of recent, I have discussed on this site the topic of writing children’s books. There are so many writers who enjoy story-telling in book form that I thought it would seem appropriate to next interview one who has actually published their children’s book.

Ryan J. Cunningham is here with us today to talk about his new book, Gary’s Gray World, released just this month.

Carol Denbow: Greetings Ryan, thank you for joining us. Wow! Congratulations! You did it! I’m sure I speak for all visitors to this site when I say, good for you! So many only dream of what you have accomplished, and accomplished very well I might add.

Can you please start by telling us a little about Gary’s Gray World. What’s the book about?

Ryan J. Cunningham: When Gary's father is too busy to play, a scary moment at the baseball field brings his dad rushing to the park to rescue him. But instead the two discover that making time for each other is the most important thing in a father and son relationship.

Carol Denbow: That’s great. So there is a “lesson” inside this book. We all can become so wrapped up in our everyday business that we neglect our kids from time to time. Personally, I feel every children’s story should make a statement since our little ones absorb so much that generates what kind of person they will be as an adult before they are even six years old!

You have other published work, poems as well. Do you always try to make a positive statement when you write?

Ryan J. Cunningham: My other children’s stories and majority of my poems do portray inspirational, positive messages. However I have written some dark and depressing poems as well.

Carol Denbow: The artwork in your book is amazing; bright colors and incredible graphics. As talented a writer as you are, I do know you did not do the artwork yourself. How did you locate a professional artist for your book and how did you know they were the one that would work best for you?

Ryan J. Cunningham: I found the artist, Chrissy Fanslau, through a networking website for writers and illustrators called Chrissy’s artwork stood out from others I researched with her descriptive and life-like facial expressions in her characters.

Carol Denbow: Did you “buy” the images from the artist, or agree to “split” book proceeds with them?

Ryan J. Cunningham: Yes, I bought the images from Chrissy.

Carol Denbow: Were the images expensive and within your budget?

Ryan J. Cunningham: You pay for quality and her talented artwork just felt right for my story.

Carol Denbow: How did you determine how many images you would need for the story?

Ryan J. Cunningham: I e-mailed Chrissy the manuscript and with her expertise and knowledge in children’s books I let her decide on how many images were needed and what she wanted to draw.

Carol Denbow: How long did it take from the time you wrote this story until you actually were able to hold the physical book in your hand?

Ryan J. Cunningham: It’s been about twelve years from the time I first wrote this story and re-wrote this story to its final stage of being in print.

Carol Denbow: Wow, long time! Well Ryan, we’re very happy for you! I can honestly say, this book is PERFECT for working parents to read to their children (and themselves). It reinforces the importance of love and bonding between fathers and sons. Please tell our readers where they can buy your book?

Ryan J. Cunningham: Basically, the book is available anywhere fine books are sold—just ask. But these are the online links: Even Kindle, and
B & N Nook Book.

You can read more about myself and Gary’s Gray World at my website Imagination—Inspiration.

Carol Denbow: What a pleasure to have you here for this interview. Thank you so much for joining us. Any final thoughts?

Ryan J. Cunningham: They say, “Timing is everything.” I don’t know who “they” are, but this is obviously the right time for my story, Gary’s Gray World to be told. I am grateful for meeting you and working on this book project together.

Carol Denbow: As always, comments are very welcomed. Please use the comment box below. If you have a question for Ryan, you can include that as well as he has generously offered to answer them for you.

Folks, in this day and age, this book may be perfect for your child or grandchild. A book with a message, good choice!

Gary's Gray World, ISBN 13: 978-1463670160