Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website or Blog

When I first began this Blog two years ago, I would get only four or five visitors per day. I was frustrated because I wanted to share book writing tips with others and I didn’t know how. I had befriended a wonderful person online who I shared my frustration with and she told me about Entrecard. Entrecard is a free service where all I had to do was add a link to my site (see link to the right) and other related, as well as some unrelated Bloggers, click on to my Blog to earn credits towards their own advertisements on other sites. It’s all free and increased my hits to over 50 per day! Now my site is highly ranked by the search engines and I get new visitors every day.

Entrecard has been a terrific asset to my Blog and has really helped me grow. I suggest if you have a Blog or Website, try it and see if your visitor count doesn’t increase substantially. If not, you can easily remove the link (but I think you’ll be surprised!). Click on to Entrecard!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Publish a Book

Most of this Blog’s visitors are looking to write and publish their own book; they have come to the right place. But are they looking for a book to sell and make money on, or just a few copies for family and friends?

I wrote a book on how to write and publish your book and I feel it’s a terrific “walk-through” instructional manual for newbie’s looking to write a book to throw out into the world for all to read. But if you are simply looking for a few copies of a family history or life story book to share with your relatives and a few select friends, may I suggest you look into There is a wonderful tutorial at which shows you how easy it is to self-publish a limited number of books for personal use.

I would not however, suggest you use Lulu for bigger, more expanded projects, unless you first learn all your other publishing options and have your script laid out and edited properly prior to uploading; learning how of course by reading my book, A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story. Not necessarily a “plug” for my book, but a realistic suggestion.

You won’t make a lot of profit using Lulu, but it is easy and fast (once your book is prepped).

As always, published authors comments are welcome and encouraged!