Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grand Opening! Author and Book Event Center

A Book Inside is extremely proud to announce the opening of it's newest addition, a “dream” Website for book lovers and authors! Book and Author Event Center opens December 1, 2008. Sign up to interact one-on-one with published authors in all genres! Book reviews, trailers, events, book tour stops, and even a full-time chat room where you can talk directly to the authors! Visit Sign up is FREE!

But don't forget us here--we love you too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we begin this long-awaited 2008 holiday season, I’d like to wish you all a blessed and fulfilling Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is just as it states (only backwards LOL), “giving thanks.” It is a time to appreciate all the blessings in our lives. I personally give thanks to my wonderful family, my town, and the friends I have made over my lifetime, which includes all of you!

Since I began this journey into the literary world, I have met the most incredible, interesting, and helpful people—you. Thank you for creating me, molding me, and inspiring me. You are why I am here now.

I would love to hear what you are all thankful for this year and always. Please share your thoughts with me and others (comments below). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Win a FREE book!

In the spirit of the holidays (and you’ve seen me get in this “spirit” before), I’m giving away free books! That’s right, a signed copy of one of my books FREE to three lucky winners! Just leave a comment in the comment link below and your name will go into the drawing barrel. On December 25 I’ll draw three lucky winners and send them a signed book (U.S. only PLEASE!). Don’t forget to leave your e-mail or a means of contact so I can notify you (Would appreciate a Digg as well)!

Also, you’ve heard me preach and preach about how signed books make great holiday gifts! Well, how about a Christmas gift for a friend or family member for under $10? Okay, done! I’m reducing the cost of all three of my printed books to $9.95 for the rest of the holiday season! I’m even going to pay the shipping for you (U.S. only please!!). But I’ll need you to order through my Authors Box Website because it's too hard for me to change my PayPal button on my personal site and ( go to “bookstore”) because Amazon, B & N, and the others just aren’t feeling so generous! Since my newest release, A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story received a 5 star review from Midwest Book Review, Amazon has actually removed their discount price from the Website all together and is now asking the FULL COVER PRICE of $18.95—they’re really NOT in the giving spirit at all!

Most of you already know that I donate one copy of my book for each of my books purchased. Yes, I will still do that with this $9.95 Christmas offer. I will continue my 10% donation to Breast Cancer Research as well.

If what you REALLY want to get or give for Christmas is a copy of my latest e-book, How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour, it’s still available for $6.95 in e-book format. But if you would like a copy printed out, signed, and sent to you, I would love to do that for you, yes, still just $6.95 (it’s Christmas!). Just send me an e-mail along with your order (

Thank you all for making A Book Inside Blog one of the best writer resources on line in 2008! We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2009! I wish you all a beautiful and joyous holiday season! Don’t forget; “family first!”

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Interview with Yvonne Perry

Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer, speaker and founder of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services as well as the author of eleven books by her own name (she is also a ghostwriter for clients). Yvonne’s newest release is an eBook titled, Book Marketing in the Digital Age Online Promotion Made Easy.

Carol Denbow: Welcome Yvonne. First may I say that I truly respect your work and appreciate you as a good friend of mine. When I was aspiring to become a “published author” I was, like many other writers, ignored by those in the book industry. But when I reached out to Yvonne Perry for guidance, she helped me get through doors otherwise closed to me. For that I thank her!

My blog viewers have been waiting patiently for weeks to read this special interview post with you Yvonne. So would you mind telling us a little about the person behind the Web? Who is Yvonne Perry? Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Yvonne Perry: The person behind the Web? Like the man behind the curtain, I am a freelance ghostwriter who works behind the scenes to create books, articles, bios, résumés, book reviews, media releases, and provide editing for authors and business people. I am a published author, writing instructor, newsletter publisher, podcast host, and a public speaker. I am a multi-tasker who switches hats like a milliner.

Who is Yvonne Perry? There’s a page about me on my new Web site that answers that question.


Carol Denbow: I know you are the founder of Writer’s in the Sky Creative Writing Services. What exact services does your company provide?

Yvonne Perry: Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services is a team of writers and editors based in Nashville, Tennessee, offering writing, editing, and author publicity services to people across the US. Some of our specialties include editing and ghostwriting for books, articles, marketing and Web site text, media releases, press kits, biographical sketches, résumés, newsletters, transcribing services, and blogging services. We also have a graphic designer who assists with logo creation, book interior layout, book cover design, and any design or branding needs authors may have.


Carol Denbow: You must know by reading my blog that I have been desperately trying to convince writer’s and published authors to get out there and take advantage of the soon-to-be number one method of book selling—the Internet. I've recently even published my own e-book on virtual touring to try and encourage authors to set up their own virtual book tour and get out there and market their books. Tell us what made you decide to write this fabulous new e-book, Book Marketing in the Digital Age Online Promotion Made Easy.?

Yvonne Perry: The Internet is the greatest selling and marketing tool available to an author. I wrote the book because I was being asked the same question over and over: How do you market a book? The material in the eBook is a combination of what I teach when I do seminars, speaking engagements, and one-on-one with authors needing assistance with book publicity.


Carol Denbow: In your opinion Yvonne, what is the biggest mistake authors make when attempting to market their books?

Yvonne Perry: Going out unprepared without having a marketing plan or the information necessary to successfully create the buzz. Many authors do not even have Web site or blog with a point of purchase that gives the reader enough information about the book to actually make an informed purchase.


Carol Denbow: What will our viewers gain by reading your new e-book?

Yvonne Perry: Everything an author needs to know to successfully promote a book online. The eBook covers such things as:

• What a Web site must have to compete in today’s online marketplace
• Things needed on a Web site or blog in order to promote and sell a book
• How to create an online media kit
• Getting traffic to your blog or Web site
• Newsletters as a marketing funnel
• Promoting your book online via virtual book tours, networking, social media Web 2.0, tagging and social bookmarking, blogging, and video
• Getting author interviews
• Podcasting and RSS feed/syndication

The eBook is filled with live links and screenshots to show exactly how to do what is being explained. There is a resource page with tons more information about online book marketing. The eBook takes the guesswork out of the equation. The things I teach in this book are from the knowledge I have gained from real life experiences in promoting my business and my books online. I know it works because we use these same techniques with our author clientele and they are also getting positive results by simply doing what we instruct.


Carol Denbow: Okay then. It sure sounds like a great resource. Where could I find your new e-book and for that matter, all your books?

Yvonne Perry: All my books are available on my Web site. Additionally, all my books have an individual blog to disseminate information and allow readers to interact with me. Book Marketing in the Digital Age Online Promotion Made Easy is available for $25 via PayPal purchase at or you may contact me if you would like to pay by check.


Carol Denbow: Yvonne Perry, thank you for joining us here today, you are an inspiration to all of us writers!

Yvonne Perry: I appreciate being able to share with you and your readers. I love networking with you and thinking of new ways to improve our strategic alliance.

These are some of the questions that came in for Yvonne so far:

Emma writes: I have a friend, Jane Kennedy Sutton, who just recently had a novel published. The release of the book was pushed back several times. When the book was finally officially slated for release, Jane didn't receive much prior notification - I think it was a few weeks at most. How can you plan your marketing ahead of time if you don't necessarily know when the release will be?

Yvonne Perry: There really should be better communication between the publisher and the author since the sales of the book are hinging upon the promotion efforts, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. That is the draw-back of working with traditional publisher—you lose control over things like this. However, if the author had a Web site and blog

Gail Baker asks: Any advice on how to make my book a bestseller?

Yvonne Perry: Yes, lots of advice! While I cannot guarantee that any book will become a bestseller, there are some things you can do to give it a fair chance on the market.
First, make sure your book is a high-quality product with well-written and edited content so you will get positive word of mouth referrals. Next, have a Web site and a blog as a point of purchase (my e-book tells you how to do this). Then, drive traffic to your blog and Web site through social marketing, virtual tours, teleseminars, article marketing, press releases, and the other simple things I teach in my e-book.

Visitors are more than welcome and encouraged to post comments and questions for Yvonne Perry and/or regarding this interview by using the comment link below (it’s small, so look hard!). You can “Digg us” as well!

In her interview, Yvonne talks about the need for authors to have a Website. If you are an author in need of a Website but feel you can’t afford the expense at this time there are two great freebies you might want to check out. Freewebs and Weebly free Websites can be found by visiting and

Then visit Yvonnes Website and pick up her new book!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas for Writers, Poets, Authors, and Book Lovers!

One of the best times of year to buy and sell books is during the Christmas holiday season. Books make great gifts for all ages. This may seem to come early, but so does holiday shopping anymore. I used to absolutely refuse to shop before Thanksgiving, but I’ve had to give in to the way of our society! I have realized as well, when you move from the world of shopping, to the incredibly competitive world of selling, you must board the ship early!

In celebration of all the wonderful writers, authors, poets, and book lovers in general, I offer as my special gift to you, The Twelve Days of Christmas for Writers, Poets, Authors, and Book Lovers!

This is a list of the best of the best! Learn, market, and enjoy!

On the first day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to readers and authors… The best places online to buy and to sell books (all free listings for selling, but you might have to register)!

On the second day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to readers and authors… The best undiscovered book review blogs online!

Small World Reads
Inkweaver Review
Breeni Books
Diary of an Eccentric

On the third day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to writers and authors… Para Publishing, the best place to list your book to get free reviews! With thousands on their mailing list, the Marketplace e-zine is sent out once per month. The Marketplace will list your book available for review by other subscribers. Reviews are posted at and other sites on the Web. Reviewers will often send you the review to post on your own Webpage as well. The cost? A copy of your book. Visit

On the fourth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to all of us… The best free Website and blog development sites on the World Wide Web! Build a Website or blog to promote your book, post reviews, or just express yourself!
Best free blogs
Best free Websites and

On the fifth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to writers, poets, and authors… The best gifts for writers and authors! T-shirts, mugs, totes, journals, and even Teddy bears! Pick a product, and have any design put on it (even a book cover)! Or choose one of the original designs already available from “Buy My Book, (dammit)” to “Poetry IS My Motion.” Visit

On the sixth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to all of us… The best free “friends” site for book readers and authors! Visit Literally thousands of readers and authors who share your passion for books!

On the seventh day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to authors… Two inexpensive ways to go on a virtual book tour! First, a new e-book, How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour. You can’t go wrong with this easy-to-follow short sweet authors tour guide! What will your tour cost? A whopping $6.95!! That’s it! Read more about it at Author Box Bookstore. Finally, don’t want to put in the time? How about the best and most effective virtual book tour package for authors. Virtual touring is fast becoming the best, longest lasting, and most effective way to promote your book! Visit

On the eighth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to writers and authors… The “Grand Central Station” for links to writers’ blogs, Websites, Gifts, forums, and everything for writers! Visit Link exchanges welcome here!

On the ninth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to all of us… A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story (2008). A valuable resource for anyone wanting to write their own book! Great for new writers and seasoned authors as well. This book includes, “25 Unique Ways to Sell Your Book.” Available at
AND… The Right Way to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Book, a complete reference for writers! Author Patricia Fry has written 28 books and is the president of SPAWN (small Publishers, Artists and Writer Network), an online organization for writers and authors. Visit

On the tenth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave writers and authors… Great free online social networks for writers and authors like YOU.
A Book Inside Forum
Book Marketing
My Writers and Authors
Published Authors

On the eleventh day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to authors… Two great marketing books for published authors! Yvonne Perry’s, Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy. Filled with tips and how-to information for all who are ready to get out there in the virtual world and market your book! Visit for details and free marketing tips. Listen to more about this e-book at Yvonne’s interview on The Grits Radio show at
AND… John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, a popular and complete guide to book marketing. Visit

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, A Book Inside gave to everyone… A very special wish for a beautiful holiday and the “presents” of loving family and good friends! Merry Christmas to all!

“Through all these days of Christmas, my true love gave to me, all the things I love to read, taught me how to write, and a new book with my name in the spotlight!”

Know of a Christmas gift you’d like to share with other visitors to this blog post? Go ahead and use the comment link below.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New E-book, "The Writer In You"

After months of preparation, I have finally released my new e-book, The Writer In You. The best news about this new e-book is that it’s FREE! That’s right, send me an e-mail at and I’ll send you the book! It’s that easy!

Need inspiration? This new e-book will help writers find their niche, polish their work, and tackle what stops them from finishing their writing projects. It’s loaded with inspiring articles written in partnership with nine other successful authors who want to see you succeed as a writer!

Please enjoy your copy compliments of A Book Inside!

If you know of a Website who has visitors who might also benefit from this new e-book, please let us know or have them send us an e-mail. We’re happy to share this new resource with ALL writers and authors!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

SPECIAL Interview With Danny O. Snow

Harvard graduate Danny O. Snow has been widely quoted about new publishing technologies by major broadcast and print media coast-to-coast, including AP, NPR, UPI, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and others. He serves as a Senior Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research (, a global think tank based in Palo Alto, dedicated to the advanced study of new and emerging media. He has also served as a contributing editor to BookTech: The Magazine for Publishers, and as a panelist and moderator at national publishing events such as the North American Publishing Company's "PrintMedia" expos and PMA's "Publishing University."

Carol Denbow: Welcome Danny. Wow, you have an expansive and impressive resume. I can’t wait to chat with you about your experiences. But since my blog viewers have patiently waited so long for this day, would you mind beginning by telling us a little about the real Danny O. Snow?

Danny O. Snow: Thanks for the flattering introduction, but my story’s actually pretty simple: I’m a guy who has always loved books. As a youngster, I dreamed of becoming an author like Mark Twain. As a Lit major in college, I searched high and low for obscure, out-of-print books that were great, but not “commercial” enough for the big NY houses to keep in print. Then I worked for a traditional publishing company, and learned many reasons why the conventional book business simply doesn’t make sense. In the ‘nineties, the rise of the Internet and “Print-on-Demand” technology solved the two biggest problems: POD eliminated overprinting, while the Web gave writers a way to reach readers directly, bypassing “gatekeepers” such as publishers, wholesalers and bookstores. Finally, in 1999, I read Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual, which helped put the pieces of the puzzle together. I didn’t invent any of these things; I just saw an opportunity to use them in a new way.

Carol Denbow: So I understand you have recently released a book with co-author Dan Poynter. Can you tell us a little about the book?

Danny O. Snow: is a quick read to help those getting started in the exciting world of self-publishing get off on the right foot. My co-author, Dan Poynter, is the “godfather” of the self-publishing movement, which is now booming. In U-Publish we simply cover the basics we’ve learned over the years to help newcomers avoid bush league mistakes and be more successful as independent publishers.

Carol Denbow: Many of my blog readers are opting to self-publish their books; and I encourage them to do so. But most end up using a POD publisher and pay a premium price just to see their book in print. It’s true that they can purchase their own books for about 50% of the cover price (correct me if I’m wrong), but is a 50% discount enough to sell your own books and still see a profit?

Danny O. Snow: Yes, I’ve read your Blog and recommend it in my newsletter. And yes, those who earn 50% of cover price can certainly make a profit. The difference is where the books are sold: Poynter and I emphasize outlets other than bookstores, which are ten times more numerous, easier to target, often pay more and pay faster than conventional booksellers. It’s all covered in our little book.

Carol Denbow: You are a publishing “expert”—you wrote the book, as they say. In your opinion, what is the best way to publish a book?

Danny O. Snow: The single most important tip I can offer is: use POD to prove the market for your book BEFORE you invest in bulk printing. Today, many writers with decent computer skills can start with “Do it Yourself” methods at CafePress, CreateSpace, Lulu, Wordclay, etc. at a fraction of the cost of vanity publishing. Then, when the book’s public appeal is objectively proven, they can feel more confident about investing in professional services and bulk printing for a lower per-unit cost.

Carol Denbow: I’m big on trying to persuade authors to market their books aggressively. What do you think is the biggest mistake authors make in marketing?

Danny O. Snow: Poor Targeting: many inexperienced authors seem obsessed with Amazon and chain stores. But we recommend more tightly targeted markets. Imagine a book about a relatively narrow topic like snorkeling … how many general bookstore customers are interested? Probably very few. But now imagine a boating supply shop, or a travel agency where people book trips to the Caribbean, or even a seaside motel… nearly ALL of their customers are potential readers! Self-publishers can tap specialty markets like these instead of general bookstore browsers for better results.

Carol Denbow: A Book Inside offers its viewers free e-mail notices each time a new informative article is posted. I saw on your Website that you offer a free newsletter. What is included in this newsletter and how would an interested viewer today go about signing up to receive it?

Danny O. Snow: Free preview:
Free subscription:

Carol Denbow: Do you have a Website and where might one of our viewers find your new book?

Danny O. Snow: Use the links above for the general edition, or you can get a special edition at Borders that’s customized specifically for their new “Borders Personal Publishing” program.

Carol Denbow: Well Danny, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share this valuable information with us.

Danny O. Snow: Thank you too. In closing, I’d like to remind your audience that publishing a book is a process, not a one-time event. You’ve worked hard writing your book; please give it the chance for success it deserves by working equally hard AFTER publication. Literally thousands of authors have proven that it’s possible. Using the strategy summarized here, you can join us!

Carol Denbow: Visitors are more than welcome and encouraged to post comments and questions for Danny O. Snow and/or regarding this interview by using the comment link below (it’s small, so look hard!)

Please don’t forget, we now have a forum visitors can join free for writers to communicate with each other and discuss their writing, publishing experiences, and book marketing at