Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grand Opening! Author and Book Event Center

A Book Inside is extremely proud to announce the opening of it's newest addition, a “dream” Website for book lovers and authors! Book and Author Event Center opens December 1, 2008. Sign up to interact one-on-one with published authors in all genres! Book reviews, trailers, events, book tour stops, and even a full-time chat room where you can talk directly to the authors! Visit Sign up is FREE!

But don't forget us here--we love you too!


Elizabeth Bennett said...

Hi Carol, will add this to my blog and try and get some folks over to the group as well.

Take Care,

Karen and Gerard said...

This book event center is a great site! I just signed up today and am looking forward to some chatting and seeing what others have written too. I will be posting about it with a link back here on my "Things I Learned This Week" post on Friday at