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Vol. 2 / Choosing the Right Title for Your Book


Most might feel the need to write their book before deciding on a title. But it may be better to decide on at least a tentative title to help you, the writer, stay focused on the subject matter. A title can be changed at any time prior to publication.

If you self-publish your book, you must create a title yourself. If you are published through a traditional book publisher, they may help you choose one. But with traditional publishing houses, the final say-so of title choice will rest on them. Either way you publish, you should have a title reserved in advance.

Your title will decide whether your book sells or not. Your title should be directly related to your books subject. It should be “catchy” but subject related. For instance, if your book is about your dog spot, a title such as, “Spot on the Rug,” might make your reader believe your book’s about carpet cleaning. So make your title obvious to what the book is about.

Titles should be not more than 4 to 7 words and use your sub-title to explain what your book will include.


A sub-title is not required with a book, but if you have one, it should tell the reader more about what the book is about. For example, the book titled, “A Book Inside,” has the sub-title of, “A simple guide to writing, publishing, and selling your story” making it clear what information is included in the book. A sub-title can be as many as ten words, offering a good amount of information about the book.

After you’ve decided on a title and sub-title, research the name to be sure the title has not been previously published. There are several ways to accomplish this, including searching through Yahoo or Google search engines, Books in Print, or, or all three. Registering and adding your title to Books in Print will ensure the title now belongs to you.

There are about 195,000 new titles published in the U.S. each year. That’s not say all those books are selling. Seventy-five percent of new releases are self-published and sell an average of 200 copies. Knowing where the book market is strongest can help you write the book that will beat the odds; that begins with choosing the right title for your book.


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