Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year "Righters!"

I would like to wish everyone a VERY Happy New Year! Last night (New Years Eve), I spent the evening drinking margaritas and playing bingo. I worry I'm getting old!

Just for fun, I would like to share something amusing with you on this New Years Day.

I regularly check my visitor hits to this and my other sites so I can learn where my visitors come from, i.e., how they find this Blog. Today, when I searched the keywords some have used to find us through Google, I found the most interesting keyword usage. One interested person used the key phrase “how to right a book.”

The good news is, they found us, the bad news is, they probably shouldn’t be considering “righting a book!”
Have a blessed New Year!


Joanne Olivieri said...

LOL! The main thing is they found you and need your tips - obviously. Happy New Year!

Roan said...

Perhaps they were referring to the right-brained aspect of writing. Okay, probably not.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Or maybe there is something very "wrong" with their book and they want to "right" it.

sanjeet said...

The main thing is they found you and need your tips

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