Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Poll is Finished!

Here’s what we’ve learned from the results:

*Most people choose to write in order to express their creativity or document a personal story. To my surprise, most don’t seem to care whether or not they become famous or get rich from their book. So why is it I hear so often, “Maybe I can be the next Rowling or King?” LOL!

*Even with so much competition in the publishing industry, the majority of authors seem to still be holding out for the big traditional publishing contract. They are also not succumbing to the “e-book is easier” theory and desire to see a physical copy of their book in hand; can’t say I blame them.

*More than half of all books are now sold online. Many of even the bigger named brick and mortar book stores have called it quits due to the increasing volume of online sales. Yet our poll revealed that most writers still plan to sell in traditional retail book stores. Will they be missing the market?

On a more personal note…in 2005, while preparing my first book for release, I researched the market to learn where my audience would be making their purchase. At that time, the statistics showed that only twenty percent of my sales would be over the Internet. Wow! What an increase over just five years!

*Most writers seem to rely on the guidance of “writer help books” to get them through the process of writing and publishing their work. Personally, I think this is smart, and not because I am the author of such a book, but because I spent countless hours (more like years!) myself researching the process never knowing such books were available to me.

*Finally, this poll showed that even though on the average, there was little or no profit in becoming a published author, the authors who took the poll stated overwhelmingly they were happy with the outcome and recommended unpublished writers follow in their footsteps.

My initial intent of this poll was basically to fill space on the Blog while I was on vacation. But to my surprise, it was a very interesting “quiz” with some surprising outcomes. It inspires me to continue the Blog indefinitely. I think new authors really do want and need the guidance offered here (when I’m not on vacation!).

Thank you to all who participated! You comments are always welcome.


Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Hi, Carol!
Im working feverishly on my first book and I appreciate every bit of advice I can get. I recently attended a writers conference which echoed the results of your poll. Im holding out for a traditional publisher too. Since that is so competitive, I would love a post from you on how to retain an practices/tips. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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Best wishes,

Anna interviews Patricia Rockwell

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Your Poll outcome is interesting.
I am new at writing and looking for
any information. My book is not finished but I would like to see it become a success. Please continue to give information. I am sure there are many like me, wanting to learn everything about this craft. It is amazing that talented authors are willing to help others. Thanks.