Wednesday, July 6, 2011

InkPop: A Place for Teen Writers

Hope all you’s had a wonderful 4th!

Harper Collins just re-launched a pretty cool YA/Teen writing site at

I jumped over there to see what the buzz was all about and was pretty impressed with the site. It definitely has the potential to help with the writing and publishing needs of teens.

I hope they’re ready for the bombardment of a million young writers, because they’re out there looking for this kind of help!

Just wanted to share that with any interested visitors.
Have a great day!


Summer Ross said...

Carol, I am a slush pile reader at everyday fiction and wanted to show you something EDF posted about this site.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Thanks for sharing, Carol. I know so many YA authors. I'll be sure to forward this on.

Regina said...


Jeremy Gilbert said...

Your child can explore his or her writing dream today! The great thing about writing as a hobby or interest is there are no costs, fees or coaches needed...your child needs a pen, paper, imagination and a few tips. Take some time to explore a few hidden treasures online for kids and teen writers.