Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time to get LinkedIn!

Contributed by Alanna Parke Kvale

So, you’ve written that book that’s been burning in your brain and you’ve actually published it. If you’re thinking that’s an end to your labor for this project, think again. Now, comes the real work…


Before you panic thinking that this part of the job is beyond you, relax—this can actually be the beginning of the fun. It takes some time, some research, some creativity, but it’s so worth it!

Thanks to the Internet, you can now place your name and the name of your book all over the globe. You just need two little words---Social Media!

Never before in the history of publishing has it been so easy to let everyone on the planet know of your accomplishments. You can start with the big names in social media—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but there are many others you can utilize as well.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to concentrate on just one—LinkedIn. It’s not enough to just fill out a profile, then sit back and wait to be noticed. Proper utilization of this branch of social media is essential. You must interact with others of like mind and interests.

Find some groups that appeal to you and join them. Pay attention to the discussions going on and join in if possible. It’s okay to ask question; everyone is more than happy to answer and help you. And if you can answer someone else’s question or just want to put your two cents worth in, go for it. Introduce yourself, talk about your book, share interesting articles or events. Remember to be polite and respectful of others and keep in mind that no one likes a ‘know-it-all.’

Sometimes, an opportunity to promote your book suddenly appears serendipitously, as it did in my case. A very generous lady name Marilyn Meredith invited authors to do a guest post on her blog. I contacted her, and presto! I had stop #1 in my first virtual book tour! I made announcements everywhere I was a member, as well as to family, friends and colleagues. That announcement, made on one of my favorite forums, Boomerwomenspeak.com resulted in another invitation to guest post, on the blog of the new director, Anne Holmes. Thanks to a Q&A session of the group ‘Book Marketing Made Easy,’ founded by D’vorah Lansky and which I heartily recommend, I received yet another invitation from Lynnette Phillips to guest post on her blog.
Guest posting on other people’s blogs has turned out to be marvelous fun and a great marketing tool. Make the most of it! And the best part? Your posts are out there forever, constantly marketing for you and your book.

So, get out there, join some groups, make friends, and be helpful when and where you can. Talk about your book wherever it is appropriate and keep the title and your name where everyone can see it, all the time.

Alanna Parke Kvale is the author of Widowhood Is Not Funny. You can visit her blog at: http://widowhoodisnotfunny.blogspot.com and her Website at http://www.alannaparkekvale.weebly.com

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Catherine said...

Marketing and self-promotion has always seemed frightening to me, but in the spirit of 'everyone else seems to be okay with it', I'll have to give it more of a go. Thanks.

Jane Bettany said...

Thanks for this post Alanna. I learned about it through LinkedIn and really share your enthusiasm for LI being one of the best social networking forums for writers. In my experience, the trick is to be selective about which groups you join, otherwise you can get bogged down in emails (and that can be a distraction from the important job of writing!). I also like that guest blogs like this lead me to new places I wouldn't otherwise have discovered. For instance, I've just signed up for boomerwomenspeak.com. Thanks again!

AlannaK said...

Catherine- Marketing your book doesn't have to be scary. Once you get into it, it's actually fun. Let us all know how you're doing, promotion-wise

Jane-So nice to see you again here on Carol's blog. Love to find new places too. You're right about being selective. And I'm delighted that you joined BWS. They're a great bunch of gals & they've helped me through some tough times & been supportive about my book.

Anonymous said...

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AlannaK said...

Shaik-So glad you enjoyed the article & I hope it helped.

NightlySun said...

Excellent! Impressive!

AlannaK said...

Tame Lion-So glad you enjoyed the article, I appreciate the kind words. And thank you for visiting Carol's blog.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

Excellent idea. I need to be on LinkedIn and haven't quite got there. I don't have a book...yet...but I write [blogs and articles] and need to get my name out there. Thank you for the advice and the push.

~Victoria Marie Lees

AlannaK said...

Victoria Marie-So glad you liked it! LinkedIn is by far the best way to get the message out about your work. Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

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AlannaK said...

Prateek-Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the article.

PoetryGirl said...

I love your blog and am glad I found it :))

Greetings from Austria,


Annie Starr said...

Announcing loudly for all to hear that one is 'writing a book' is a handy conversation starter, eyebrow raider, reason to share a drink - but the actual writing thereof is as close to labour without an epidural as one can get.