Tuesday, February 26, 2013

7 Tips on How to Write a Book

This article was first published here several years back, but we felt it could find new life to some readers who missed it the first trip around!

1. Write your book. Whether it’s non-fiction or fiction, Fantasy, Autobiography, Crime or Mystery, just write what you feel. Never worry about editing as you go; as that will bury your creativity.

2. Find a quiet place to write. An extra bedroom, office, or even a garage (preferably heated), are all good places “away from it all.” Never look for your muse where friends or family are always interrupting you.

3. Set time aside to write. It takes time to find your inspiration to write. It’s not likely you will write well or accomplish much in a ten minute session. Allow yourself at least two hours to work on your writing project.

4. Choose you books topic according to demand. Are there a million books already written which follow the path of your story or subject? Is there even an audience out there who will buy your book? With nearly 30 books being released in the U.S. every hour of every day, the competition is fierce. If you plan to sell your book to the reading public, make sure you will have a customer base before you put your time and money into publishing a book.

5. Draw an outline for your book before you begin. A well drawn out outline will keep you focused on your total project. Outline your story or information. For fiction book writing, an outline of your plot, when to introduce your characters, and path of the story, that is, the beginning, middle, and ending placed into chronological order. For non-fiction book writing, the same applies. Organize your information into a logical and useful order.

6. Choose your title carefully. Not only is a catchy title a must, but for non-fiction and some fiction books, your title words will most likely be used as “key words” when a potential book buyer searches the Internet for a book similar to yours.

7. Once your book is complete, find a professional editor to fix your mistakes. Spell Check in your writing software is not enough to handle the job.

Carol Denbow is the author of five books, including A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story, available at Amazon.com. She is also a regular contributor to numerous writers’ websites and newsletters and has been a featured guest on radio and television.

Please visit Carol’s Websites at Author’s Box at http://www.authorsbox.com and Books By Denbow at http://www.booksbydenbow.weebly.com.


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Richard said...


Clear and concise. For wanna be writers, trying to get started on a book - - I can only add - - DON'T QUIT.
Many of us sit on information that has the potential to make the world a better place. Too many people never live out their dreams of writing a book, whether fiction or non.

Thank you Carol for your inspiration.

Richard Hart is a multiple award-winning author and trainer. He has authored 6 books and 3 training programs. His primary claim to fame is Keep Your Daughter Safe: 171 Ways Young Women can Prevent Sexual Assault.
He can be reached at info@KYDS1.com
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More Outfits said...

I've spent hours looking for advice on how to write an outline if your detail oriented, right brained, etc. I've found zero posts on the topic, not even bad ones. It's like no one on the web has ever written anything about it ever.
I know that can't be true. Does anybody have ANY advice on the topic. I'm writing a how to book and everything seems to be details. HELP!

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Interesting advice.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Zara Thomson said...

Very informative and definitely worth reading.Thanks!

Unknown said...

I have to agree with step 2. When people are talking around me it is hard for me to concentrate. My room is usually quiet so I think I will do it there. http://www.peanutbutterpublishing.com/

Unknown said...

I love choosing the title part, it reveal the overview of the story. Thanks